World cup 2014 my thoughts

Posted on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

 I must say that even though I am the first to admit that I am not a real big football fan nor am I the biggest sports person in the world I am really enjoying this years world cup.. lots of exciting games and unexpected wins! I have never really been into football.. but its been exciting! Though I do worry about Brazil and it is easy to see that this world cup will not benefit the vast majority of people living in poverty in Brazil and the money could of and should of been spent on the people.. for better healthcare and creating more jobs.. because world cup may stimulate the economy through tourism but I dont see any long lasting economic gains from it... really can you? I can see that the big investments will boost house prices but normal Brazilians wont benefit from this and this will just cause more problems I think!

I wonder who is going to win... My money is on Argentina. I dont want the Germans to win because they win to many things (except from the war of course).

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