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Posted on Friday, 20 June 2014

I am a person who is really against capitalism! Why do we have to settle for being the poor.. why do the rich get to be the lucky ones and be ontop... it just not fair.. in fact I think that capitalism is just a game of luck and there nothing else to it.. you either know the right people and are in the right situation at the right time and that is basically capitalism in a nut shell... there is no social mobility and working hard really does not guarantee success.


Feet feeling better

As you might remember that is if you can member back a couple days... I mentioned how I have plantar fasciitis. Since I wrote that post I have manged to get myself some arch supports and they have seemed to have really helped! Though it is early days at the moment I bought some ones that also massage my feet so I can shop.. shop and shop all day long without any foot or heel pain.. well that is what I did yesterday!!! usually by end of a shopping spree I would be in agony... maybe it was a bit dumb of me to go on a strenuous shopping trip.. could have wrecked my plantar fasciitis recovery but oh well.. I GOT AWAY WITH IT!



Posted on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I am flaming annoyed... some pig has copied/scraped the descriptions from one of my online eCommerce stores and now is republishing the content from that shop on hundreds of pointless spammy hacked pages... even though the content is mine and google has indexed it first by a long while the pages if you search for the excerpt in google the hacked pages show up first! I am fuming! HOW DARE THE STUPID SWINE! Trying to sell their pointless and fake lo9ubinton handbags... and my product descriptions which They are using have nothing to do with handbags what so ever.... I sell sports gear not handbags at least get that right! But the annoying thing is I think all these spammy garbage pages they are posting on even though the spam pages do not link to my site are causing me to go down in the search results.. STUPID GOOGLE PANDA ALGO....... I went on the fake loubitnton handbag shop they were peddling on the hacked pages and its obvious that the handbags are fake.. the site is written in broken english and I found a contact form which I used to express my anger...... The whois information for the site was obviously blocked otherwise they would have needed to watch their backs if it wasn't.

*Other peoples random content is being posted and mashed together aswell on these sites so it aint just affecting me... the hacker/spammers are doing this on a  massive scale by the looks of things.. I hope they get whats coming to them....... and really annoyed how small businesses get destroyed yet freaks like these hackers who just make churn and burn website and make thousands of replacement spam sites in minutes can make loads of money whilst small businesses suffer and get their sites hit in google!


Plantar fasciitis- not nice!

I have been complaining about my sore aching feet for a while now so I thought that I would do a write up for what I think I might have.. Obviously I am not a doctor and you should always go see one if you think you have got something or are suffering from pain. I know someone else too who has it has it too which shows how common it must be and we are both in it together!

What I SUSPECT I have is plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is cause when you over stretch and thus inflame the plantar fascia found in your foot. It is the ligament that spans from your heel right to your toes and what forms the arch of the foot. Pressure and stretching a tight arch can cause the plantar fascia to pull and damage causing inflammation and soreness in the arches of the feet.. exactly what I have had. I have not ran i na  long time but before I started getting pain in  my feet I went running.. my feet obviously were not used to it. They were too tight and were could easily be pulled and over stretched because of how tight they were and this is exactly what happened with me.

What I found out!

Plantar fasciitis can be both treated and prevented. But how long it takes to heal is down to you.. going back and doing the same old thing that caused it could mean PF never really does go away...
Here are a few tips I have found out that can help you prevent yourself from getting it and what you can do to heal up PF if unfortunately you do get it.
Inflammation can be reduced straight away when you get plantar fasciitis... straight after you run and your feet are inflamed it is a good idea to put a ice pack on them to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the feet... keeping your feet elevated to better circulate the blood. Not putting weight on the arches whilst they heal is a good idea.. to do this wear some arch support soles or better yet dont walk at all. Stretches can help restrengthen the weakened feet once you are healed helping the arches support themselves again.

Again to prevent plantar fascitiis wearing supportive insoles that cushion the feet and take some of the strain from your arches can prevent overstretching and stop pressure doing damage to the arch. Some arch support insoles also have shock absroption in built which also stop schoks form doing damage.. shocks can also cause knee pain as the shocks can travel up throguh to your knees and attack the tendons too.


World cup 2014 my thoughts

 I must say that even though I am the first to admit that I am not a real big football fan nor am I the biggest sports person in the world I am really enjoying this years world cup.. lots of exciting games and unexpected wins! I have never really been into football.. but its been exciting! Though I do worry about Brazil and it is easy to see that this world cup will not benefit the vast majority of people living in poverty in Brazil and the money could of and should of been spent on the people.. for better healthcare and creating more jobs.. because world cup may stimulate the economy through tourism but I dont see any long lasting economic gains from it... really can you? I can see that the big investments will boost house prices but normal Brazilians wont benefit from this and this will just cause more problems I think!

I wonder who is going to win... My money is on Argentina. I dont want the Germans to win because they win to many things (except from the war of course).


Silly boss and bad back pain problems!

Well I thought things couldn't get any worse..with my feet hurting and all but they just did! I have now this incredibly annoying back pain.. You know when it is bad when you go to pick something up and their is a stinging stabbing pain in the middle of your back... I work on the computer for hours and hours at my office. As it is my job I have to! The chairs that they supply us with aren't very comfortable at all and dont give us any lumbar support and it is quite easy after hours of hardcore typing to resort to letting your posture slip and sitting their in a comfortable but damaging to your back slouching position. Once or twice mayn't do any job but when your job consists of doing this day in day out it really starts becoming a real problem.. I get stomach aches as well when I sit slouched because my ribs dig into my stomach.. I have been on at my boss to give us something to stop this... I have even suggested to him to let us get a table that can be adjusted upwards so you can work standing up.. all my suggestions have just been ignored.. I HATE MY BOSS! My boss always ignores everything I say.. well to be honest it not just me he ignores but he thinks he is superior to everyone because he is the manager.... he aint a team player at all... rude and a nasty piece of work who is a slave driver really... Some of my work colleagues have tried getting in touch with the big big bosses to try and get him replaced but to no avail unfortunately. Anyway Bad posture can really do lasting damage.. I guess I need to stop slouching and be more aware of my posture as I work.. but that easier said than done! Hmmm one of my friends suggested that for work I should wear a back support, back supports shouldn't be worn constantly because you supporting back muscles weaken and become unable to support your back properly but my friends says wearing a back support can help prevent you from slipping into bad posture whilst you are sat down for hours on end... I guess it is worth the a try right?


My poor feet

My feet are kind of hurting I wonder if it has got to do with me constantly wearing the height increasing insoles that I talked about in my last post.. I heard that elevating the heel even just a little bit can have a bad effect on your feet because it bends the ball of the feet and created unnecessary pressure around this area and tightness... my feet are feeling pretty tight at the moment I wonder what is up with them... hmmm! Do I sacrifice height for comfort I guess that is the question... I dont want arthritis though in my feet when I am older...


Have you heard.. you dont have to put up with being small!

One of my friends sent me a link recently to a blog post about height increasing insoles.. they are actually quite fascinating really.. never thought being tall could be so simple before I always figured you get what your given and only high heels could be worn to get more height and that was about it...which are of course obvious to everyone. So I was rather excited and decided to go buy a pair to try them for myself. A couple days later I received my pair.... and I straight away swapped the soles of my shoes for them.. quickly pt my shoes back on and I was actually significantly taller it was kind of amazing really! A pair of them costs around ten quid and for ten quid you get to be around 2-3 inches taller, much more comfortable to wear than high heels I might add and people have been commenting all the time about how tall I have grown which is kind of funny and make me giggle... the people commenting on my height though may think I am a little bit odd when I burst into laughter as they say it but Oh well what can ya do! :)

ps, I haven't been posting in a long while.. for one reason most of my blog has been deleted :( but I am back now :)