Silly boss and bad back pain problems!

Posted on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Well I thought things couldn't get any worse..with my feet hurting and all but they just did! I have now this incredibly annoying back pain.. You know when it is bad when you go to pick something up and their is a stinging stabbing pain in the middle of your back... I work on the computer for hours and hours at my office. As it is my job I have to! The chairs that they supply us with aren't very comfortable at all and dont give us any lumbar support and it is quite easy after hours of hardcore typing to resort to letting your posture slip and sitting their in a comfortable but damaging to your back slouching position. Once or twice mayn't do any job but when your job consists of doing this day in day out it really starts becoming a real problem.. I get stomach aches as well when I sit slouched because my ribs dig into my stomach.. I have been on at my boss to give us something to stop this... I have even suggested to him to let us get a table that can be adjusted upwards so you can work standing up.. all my suggestions have just been ignored.. I HATE MY BOSS! My boss always ignores everything I say.. well to be honest it not just me he ignores but he thinks he is superior to everyone because he is the manager.... he aint a team player at all... rude and a nasty piece of work who is a slave driver really... Some of my work colleagues have tried getting in touch with the big big bosses to try and get him replaced but to no avail unfortunately. Anyway Bad posture can really do lasting damage.. I guess I need to stop slouching and be more aware of my posture as I work.. but that easier said than done! Hmmm one of my friends suggested that for work I should wear a back support, back supports shouldn't be worn constantly because you supporting back muscles weaken and become unable to support your back properly but my friends says wearing a back support can help prevent you from slipping into bad posture whilst you are sat down for hours on end... I guess it is worth the a try right?

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