Plantar fasciitis- not nice!

Posted on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I have been complaining about my sore aching feet for a while now so I thought that I would do a write up for what I think I might have.. Obviously I am not a doctor and you should always go see one if you think you have got something or are suffering from pain. I know someone else too who has it has it too which shows how common it must be and we are both in it together!

What I SUSPECT I have is plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is cause when you over stretch and thus inflame the plantar fascia found in your foot. It is the ligament that spans from your heel right to your toes and what forms the arch of the foot. Pressure and stretching a tight arch can cause the plantar fascia to pull and damage causing inflammation and soreness in the arches of the feet.. exactly what I have had. I have not ran i na  long time but before I started getting pain in  my feet I went running.. my feet obviously were not used to it. They were too tight and were could easily be pulled and over stretched because of how tight they were and this is exactly what happened with me.

What I found out!

Plantar fasciitis can be both treated and prevented. But how long it takes to heal is down to you.. going back and doing the same old thing that caused it could mean PF never really does go away...
Here are a few tips I have found out that can help you prevent yourself from getting it and what you can do to heal up PF if unfortunately you do get it.
Inflammation can be reduced straight away when you get plantar fasciitis... straight after you run and your feet are inflamed it is a good idea to put a ice pack on them to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the feet... keeping your feet elevated to better circulate the blood. Not putting weight on the arches whilst they heal is a good idea.. to do this wear some arch support soles or better yet dont walk at all. Stretches can help restrengthen the weakened feet once you are healed helping the arches support themselves again.

Again to prevent plantar fascitiis wearing supportive insoles that cushion the feet and take some of the strain from your arches can prevent overstretching and stop pressure doing damage to the arch. Some arch support insoles also have shock absroption in built which also stop schoks form doing damage.. shocks can also cause knee pain as the shocks can travel up throguh to your knees and attack the tendons too.

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