Have you heard.. you dont have to put up with being small!

Posted on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

One of my friends sent me a link recently to a blog post about height increasing insoles.. they are actually quite fascinating really.. never thought being tall could be so simple before I always figured you get what your given and only high heels could be worn to get more height and that was about it...which are of course obvious to everyone. So I was rather excited and decided to go buy a pair to try them for myself. A couple days later I received my pair.... and I straight away swapped the soles of my shoes for them.. quickly pt my shoes back on and I was actually significantly taller it was kind of amazing really! A pair of them costs around ten quid and for ten quid you get to be around 2-3 inches taller, much more comfortable to wear than high heels I might add and people have been commenting all the time about how tall I have grown which is kind of funny and make me giggle... the people commenting on my height though may think I am a little bit odd when I burst into laughter as they say it but Oh well what can ya do! :)

ps, I haven't been posting in a long while.. for one reason most of my blog has been deleted :( but I am back now :)

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