Posted on Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I am flaming annoyed... some pig has copied/scraped the descriptions from one of my online eCommerce stores and now is republishing the content from that shop on hundreds of pointless spammy hacked pages... even though the content is mine and google has indexed it first by a long while the pages if you search for the excerpt in google the hacked pages show up first! I am fuming! HOW DARE THE STUPID SWINE! Trying to sell their pointless and fake lo9ubinton handbags... and my product descriptions which They are using have nothing to do with handbags what so ever.... I sell sports gear not handbags at least get that right! But the annoying thing is I think all these spammy garbage pages they are posting on even though the spam pages do not link to my site are causing me to go down in the search results.. STUPID GOOGLE PANDA ALGO....... I went on the fake loubitnton handbag shop they were peddling on the hacked pages and its obvious that the handbags are fake.. the site is written in broken english and I found a contact form which I used to express my anger...... The whois information for the site was obviously blocked otherwise they would have needed to watch their backs if it wasn't.

*Other peoples random content is being posted and mashed together aswell on these sites so it aint just affecting me... the hacker/spammers are doing this on a  massive scale by the looks of things.. I hope they get whats coming to them....... and really annoyed how small businesses get destroyed yet freaks like these hackers who just make churn and burn website and make thousands of replacement spam sites in minutes can make loads of money whilst small businesses suffer and get their sites hit in google!

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